• Wild Groenlandia

    1 season

    The hunt this time takes the Young Wild Hunters to the farthest north of the planet they have been so far, Greenland. There they will accompany Alex and Jess in their search for caribou and muskox, animals that live totally isolated from the human species. The team will go deep into their territo...

  • Wild Namibia

    1 season

    On this occasion, the YOUNG Wild Hunters will travel to Namibia, to a spectacular farm owned by brothers Tim and Ralf Liedtke, which they met at the famous IWA fair. Despite the already known, in this edition the Young Wild Hunters will be amazed to enjoy a hunt as pure and traditional as it is c...

  • Wild Argentina

    1 season

    The most spectacular series recorded to date by the Young Wild Hunters. La Pampa, Argentina will be the chosen territory for a new adventure in which Ignacio and Gonzalo will face immense deer and tough antelopes, with failures, despair and moments of happiness. They will also have time to try th...

  • 6,000 feet plus

    1 season

    Young Wild Hunters embarks on a new adventure crossing borders in search of the most emblematic animals on the planet.
    The hunt will take them from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan in search of the Marco Polo, to the arid plains of Mexico and its elusive deer. There will be no lack of great days after...

  • Afrikan Secrets

    1 season

    Six amazing episodes in which we rejoin the Young Wild Hunters to learn, this time, 'Afrikan secrets'. Hunting in the Black Continent is, without a doubt, one of those dreams that every hunter carries inside and wants to fulfill throughout his life. In the company of these young hunters we will d...

  • On Target
    1 season

    On Target

    1 season

    Rediscover mountain hunting, one of the most demanding and exciting modalities by the hand of Ramón Fitó, journalist, expert hunter and top-level shooter.
    Each episode will be a challenge in which Fitó will test his skill and endurance, he will share with us his shooting techniques, all the detai...

  • Wild Garoz

    1 season

    They say that experience is the mother of all sciences and that humility reflects true greatness. And if there is something that characterizes the Garoz brothers after almost thirty years as taxidermists, it is their experience and humility.
    Taxidermy Garoz is one of the best and best known world...

  • The Perfect Safari

    1 season

    An adaptation of the book "The Perfect Shot" by Kevin Robertson, one of the best-selling books in the world, which serves to better understand what the hunt is like and how to get it. We will analyze in depth different African hunting species. Through different safaris we will see how they are, h...

  • Extreme Hunting

    1 season

    Huntflix delves into extreme hunting with Youg Wild Hunters. Each documentary will travel through different ecosystems to hunt some of the most significant trophies of the hunting scene. From antelopes or African elephants to Turkish wild boars, the sands of the desert and the snow of the mountai...

  • Roe deer, shadows of the forest

    1 season

    The best and most spectacular series on Capreolus capreolus that has been recorded to date in our country. Its author, Juan Carlos Gil Cubillo (Glaciar Productions), through incredible images filmed for hours and hours in the field, reveals all the secrets of this species, always with hunting as ...

  • Pro-Hunters

    1 season

    The figure of the professional hunter has many nuances, in most countries has evolved into an activity of management, improvement and conservation of habitats thanks to the population control they carry out, for all this and for many more reasons their presence is essential. Huntflix shows their ...

  • Unique Hunters

    1 season

    José María García, journalist and hunter from Madrid and Huntflix team expert, will introduce us to several different and special hunters for their contribution to the dignity of hunting, for their high concept of it, for the impeccable way of practicing it, for their conservationist character an...

  • Greg McHale's Wild Yukon

    3 seasons

    Hunting that is more accessible than ever before, but these advances take something away as well. Greg McHale's team pushes the boundaries of the hunting show genre with powerful and intense journeys into one of the few remaining wild corners of North America: Canada's Yukon. The breathtaking sce...

  • Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures

    2 seasons

    Host Jim Shockey travels the world to bring you the best hunting adventures around. The show takes you to the Alaska Yukon on a moose hunt, polar bear hunting by dogsled with the Inuit people in the Arctic, Cape Buffalo and crocodile hunting in Tanzania, gazelle and white-bearded wildebeast hunti...

  • Sasquatch Mountain Man

    3 seasons

    Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller travels the route the mountain men did, hunting, trapping and surviving off the land. In a world of high-tech hunters, weapons and technology, Miller, shows us what real hunting and living in the great wilderness truly is.