Roe deer, shadows of the forest

Roe deer, shadows of the forest

4 Episodes

The best and most spectacular series on Capreolus capreolus that has been recorded to date in our country. Its author, Juan Carlos Gil Cubillo (Glaciar Productions), through incredible images filmed for hours and hours in the field, reveals all the secrets of this species, always with hunting as a common thread.

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Roe deer, shadows of the forest
  • Roe deer, shadows of the forest. Genetic, the 1st factor

    Episode 1

    In Huntflix we premiere: 'Roe deer, shadows of the forest, a new series where we will discover the secrets of this coveted and mysterious animal. In this first chapter we will deal with genetics, undoubtedly the aspect that most influences the development and quality of the trophies.

  • Roe deer, shadows of the forest. Environment, the 2nd factor

    Episode 2

    New chapter of 'roe deers', the series that we have presented this June. After having emphasized the genetics of the capreolus, in this episode we will approach the environment as a fundamental part integrated in the habitat, always from the point of view of hunting management.

  • Roe deer, shadows of the forest. Food resources, the 3rd factor

    Episode 3

    We continue in Huntflix with our special series dedicated to the 'roe deer'. After having dealt with the genetics and the environment of the 'elves', in this new installment we will determine how feeding influences the quantity of the specimens and the quality of their trophies. And, of course, w...

  • Roe deer, shadows of the forest. Habitat, results… the 4th factor

    Episode 4

    After several chapters dedicated to issues such as genetics, environment or feeding, in this new chapter of 'Roe deers' we will integrate the issues that make the habitat a fundamental element. This factor is the definitive crucible where the results are fused and consolidated, especially in what...