Sasquatch Mountain Man

Sasquatch Mountain Man

3 Seasons

Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller travels the route the mountain men did, hunting, trapping and surviving off the land. In a world of high-tech hunters, weapons and technology, Miller, shows us what real hunting and living in the great wilderness truly is.

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Sasquatch Mountain Man
  • Tanning show

    Episode 1

    Follow Laramy through the process of how mountain men skinned, fleshed, and tanned animal skins the way it was done in the mid 1800s.

  • Colorado muledeer

    Episode 2

    Laramy rides the high lonesome in search of mule deer. Learn Laramy's mountain man techniques to stalk up close to a big mule deer buck.

  • Alaska caribou

    Episode 3

    Deep into unexplored territory, Laramy hunts the Alaskan frontier in search of caribou. But with a hungry grizzly on his trail, will his single-shot Hawken rifle be enough to protect him?

  • Colorado elk

    Episode 4

    Elk calls echo through the mountains where Laramy is hunting. As night falls, Laramy gets within shooting range of a huge Elk.

  • Mountain lion

    Episode 5

    Laramy chases after the big game cat of North America, the Mountain Lion! Known for dropping out of trees on unsuspecting prey, will Laramy be able to find this lion, before the lion finds him?

  • Trapping show

    Episode 6

    Laramy honors the history of the mountain man by trapping for beaver in the lower rockies.

  • Montana elk

    Episode 7

    Laramy takes an old pal, who owns an 1874 Sharps 45-70 buffalo gun, to hunt in the way of the mountain man. Sizzling elk meat is on the menu tonight!

  • Alaska caribou

    Episode 8

    Removed from the Rocky Mountains, Laramy travels to the mountain ranges of Northwest Alaska to hunt caribou with his .50 Cal Hawken. Learn a unique mountan man way to cook caribou ribs.

  • Bear
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    Laramy hunts for spring black bear in the Rocky Mountains with his Hawken rifle. Learn some skinning techniques and uses of black bear meat, fur, and fat.

  • Montana whitetail

    Episode 10

    Laramy hunts the Montana mountains for what is considered to be the toughest whitetail to stalk. Mountain whitetail provide any hunter, especially one that hunts the mountain man way, a tremendous challenge.

  • Moose
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Laramy has spotted some huge moose, now he just needs to hope his Hawken shoots straight and true!

  • Bear 2
    Episode 12

    Bear 2

    Episode 12

    Spring black bear are out and moving after a bitter cold winter. Laramy uses old Indian stalking techniques that have been handed down to him through generations of his family heritage.

  • The hunt of a mountain man

    Episode 13

    Laramy shows us how hunting was done in the mid 1800s by the Mountain Men, where unusual skills and stalking techniques were needed to survive throughout the winter. Harsh Winters were known as "White Death" to the Mountain Men.