Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures

Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures

2 Seasons

Host Jim Shockey travels the world to bring you the best hunting adventures around. The show takes you to the Alaska Yukon on a moose hunt, polar bear hunting by dogsled with the Inuit people in the Arctic, Cape Buffalo and crocodile hunting in Tanzania, gazelle and white-bearded wildebeast hunting in Masialand and Muskox hunting in the Arctic with a muzzleloader. You just never know where Jim's next adventure will take you.

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Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
  • Spike camp moose hunt in the Yukon

    Episode 1

    Jim and Eva head to the Yukon where Eva hunts moose during the rut.

  • A father son black bear hunt

    Episode 2

    Allen Tarpley purchases a donated hunt at SCI where Jim will be the guide. He brings his 10 year old son to hunt his very first black bear with Jim as his guide

  • The most under-rated deer hunting in the world: Australia

    Episode 3

    Jim, Loiuse and Eva travel to the outback of Australia to go after rusa and chital (axis) deer.

  • Whitetails like you've never seen them before

    Episode 4

    Jim travels to Texas with his bow to go after whitetail deer in the rut.

  • Sheep hunting in Iran

    Episode 5

    Jim heads to Iran to check out their conservation programs and to hunt the Kerman sheep and the Armenian Mouphlon.

  • Life of a bear guide

    Episode 6

    Follow one of Jim's top guides, Mike Shroeder, as he guides for black bears in some of the most rugged country in the world: Vancouver Island.

  • Exploring the Yukon Wildlands

    Episode 7

    Jason Bruce travels to the Yukon to go after the giant Alaska Yukon moose and grizzly bear.

  • Her first bowtech whitetail hunt

    Episode 8

    Eva heads to Saskatchewan, Canada, to go on her very first bow hunt for a whitetail deer.

  • One of the most remote corners of the earth: The Aleutian Islands

    Episode 9

    Jim Shockey's crew flies to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska as he goes after the largest "antlered compared to body size"' big game animals in the world, the stunning and huge Alaskan reindeer. One of the most remote corners of the earth!

  • Bow and arrow or not in the Yukon

    Episode 10

    Jim faces a tough decision as his time starts to run out on his Alaska Yukon Moose hunt. Will he stick with his Bowtech or switch to his TC muzzleloader?

  • Eva's First Saskatchewan whitetail without her daddy

    Episode 11

    This week we're heading up to the cold wild lands of Saskatchewan, Canada. Eva Shockey hunts for the very first time in Saskatchewan without her Daddy with her Bowtech for a giant buck that's been spotted on one of her dads Stealthcams.

  • Free ranging HOG deer in Australia

    Episode 12

    Jim travels to Australia to go after free ranging hog deer with his bowtech.

  • A spot and stalk black bear hunt

    Episode 13

    Every year Jim donates a Vancouver Island coastal bear hunt to SCI. Part of the deal is that Jim will personally guides the auction winner. This week you'll see how that most recent donated hunt turned out.

  • Kri Kri Ibex hunt on an island in Greece

    Episode 14

    Travel with Jim and his wife, Loiuse as they transport themselve back in time to Greece to go after the Kri Kri Ibex on one of the Greek islands.

  • A mountain caribou hunt with Jim's fav hunting buddy

    Episode 16

    Jim and Eva head to one of Jim's favorite hunting camps in the Yukon where Eva goes after a beautiful Mountain Caribou.

  • The aders duiker conservation project

    Episode 15

    Join team Shockey as Jim reaches out and donates hunting dollars to conserve one of the most beautiful antelope species of the world, the Aders Duiker.

  • Nyala in South Africa with a bowtech

    Episode 17

    Come along as Jim heads to one of the most beautiful destinations in South Africa. Jim will be going after some unusual and 100% free ranging critters. The team is joined by a good friend and professional hunter, Russ Lovemore.

  • The life of a bear guide

    Episode 18

    This week we're heading to the remote and rainforest covered territory of Vancouver Island. We'll be in our Pacific Rim outfitting territory on three different spot and stalk hunts for the coastal bears that live there.

  • A day in the life of Rogue River Outfitters

    Episode 19

    We're heading into the remote Jim's Rogue River Outfitting territory in the Yukon of Canada on a "moose meat and potatoes"' hunt. We'll be looking for the largest antelered big game animal in North America, the Alaska Yukon Moose.

  • The Best and Worst of 2015

    Episode 20

    It's time for our favorite show of the year; a retrospective of all the best of, the worst of, and the footage we just couldn't show you the first time around. In fact, we probably shouldn't show it at all, but what the heck... we're going to anyway!

  • Adventures in Romania


    Jim heads to Romania to hunt bear and a carpathian chamois.