Extreme Hunting

Extreme Hunting

6 Episodes

Huntflix delves into extreme hunting with Youg Wild Hunters. Each documentary will travel through different ecosystems to hunt some of the most significant trophies of the hunting scene. From antelopes or African elephants to Turkish wild boars, the sands of the desert and the snow of the mountains will be landscapes that will accompany us in this unique experience in which we will see that hunting goes far beyond shooting a game.
A chain in which each link is a unique sensation and each moment has a reason and a consequence.

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Extreme Hunting
  • Zimbabwe's heart

    Episode 1

    The essence of a legendary continent for hunting in which all the senses perceive that magic and that exclusive sensation that participating in a safari provides. The orography, the variety of animal and plant species, the company of local specialists in each task and the thrill of shooting troph...

  • Inside Africa

    Episode 2

    We continue in the African hunting adventure where the Young Wild Hunters continue in search of some of the most characteristic game species of the area. This time the protagonists will be two of the trophies that cannot be missing in the pavilion of an African hunter: the reedbuck and the zebra....

  • The grey ghost

    Episode 3

    One of the most emblematic animals of the African ecosystem and one of the most valued hunting trophies is the kudu. A corpulent antelope with a long spiral horn, it is renowned for its toughness and endurance. The stalking hunt of this species is full of emotions and its trophy is one of the mos...

  • Ivory's edge

    Episode 4

    The hunting of the largest of the big five hides a hidden reality that transcends the hunting event itself. The high prices of the trophy contribute to make possible a population management from which many species of the environment benefit and that contributes to provide resources to the local p...

  • New destination, new challenges

    Episode 5

    A series that is defined as hunting in extreme situations, where more than just a trophy is sought. On this occasion, the snowy peaks of the Turkish mountains will be the setting for three days of hunting the big wild boars of the area. New adventures of the Young Wild Hunters to share unique sen...

  • Between wolves and blades

    Episode 6

    The mountain ranges of Turkey offer us the unique opportunity to live an unforgettable hunting experience. Different cultures and traditions provide the hunter with unrepeatable sensations and moments in a secluded and solitary environment, where wild animals struggle daily to achieve their vital...