Around the world

  • In pursuit of giant Marco Polo

    The adventure of the Young Wild Hunters continues through the mountainous massifs of Asia in pursuit of the giant rams of Marco Polo. An experience within reach of very few privileged and that requires extensive hunting knowledge, good physical shape and a lot of enthusiasm to overcome the many s...

  • The hunter´s dream

    The adventure of the Young Wild Hunters continues through the mountainous massifs of Asia in pursuit of the giant rams of Marco Polo. An experience within reach of very few privileged and that requires extensive hunting knowledge, good physical shape and a lot of enthusiasm to overcome the many s...

  • Mid asian ibex, who said danger?

    One of the many varieties of Ibex that exist in Europe and Asia is found in the mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan. This is where this adventure of the Young Wild Hunters comes to an end. After many days of hunting on rams, they leave as a finishing touch the stalking of this wild goat with a valuable...

  • Turkey, Bezoar´s peaks

    The Young Wild Hunters team leaves the mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan to enter the Turkish mountains in search of another mythical species in the hunting world: the Bezoar Ibex. A variety of mountain goat that tests anyone who dares to try to hang this trophy in their hunting pavilion.

  • Unknown Sonoran desert

    The adventure continues. Several months later, Young Wild Hunters are reunited with their Mexican friends, this time playing at home in the arid deserts of Sonora. Now the hunt will focus on the mule deer, invisible to most human eyes.

  • New destination, new challenges

    A series that is defined as hunting in extreme situations, where more than just a trophy is sought. On this occasion, the snowy peaks of the Turkish mountains will be the setting for three days of hunting the big wild boars of the area. New adventures of the Young Wild Hunters to share unique sen...

  • Between wolves and blades

    The mountain ranges of Turkey offer us the unique opportunity to live an unforgettable hunting experience. Different cultures and traditions provide the hunter with unrepeatable sensations and moments in a secluded and solitary environment, where wild animals struggle daily to achieve their vital...

  • Caza de montaña de cabra montés

    This week, Jim, Eva and Eva's husband Tim head to the Spanish mountains after becite ibex.

  • The kingdom of Morocco

    Every hunter loves to hunt wild boars! This week that's exactly what we're going to do. Watch as Jim and Louise head into the culturally rich Kingdom of Morocco to experience how the Moroccans hunt the Barbary Wild Boar.

  • Allow the unexpected to happen to you

    Sometimes exploration means allowing the unexpected to happen to you. That's what we're doing this week, Jim heads into the culturally divided country of Pakistan to go after the Nilgai and the gazelle.

  • Exploration in Argentina

    This week we're doing a little territory exploration. We're heading to Argentina Eva, Wojo and Dan Goodenow. They'll be going after, red stag and water buffalo.

  • A journey through time: Pakistan

    Follow along side, Jim Shockey as he heads into the culturally rich country of Pakistan to go after the Punjab Urial and the Axis Deer.

  • Hunting: A french tradition

    Jim travels with his wife, Loiuse and daughter Eva to France, a country steep in hunting traditions. Jim goes after the European Red Stag and a huge wild Boar.

  • Desert ghost

    The second phase of the hunt will take our characters from the arid lands of Sonora to the cactus-laden hills, territory of the small and elusive caoue. Ignacio will try to make his debut with his first animal on the American continent. Back in Puebla, Jorge will invite the team to one of his usu...

  • Wild argentinian bucks

    Gonzalo is looking for the deer he believes he has wounded, so he should not be far away. Plan B will be to go deep into the dense Pampean forest in search of the animals' passing areas to catch them off guard. To end the day, Ignacio will seek his luck with the antelopes near the impressive natu...

  • Feathers, fangs... Action!

    It's time for small game, stalking among sunflowers the huge numbers of pigeons that live there. Chef Leo will prepare the famous Argentinean barbecue by the light of the bonfire while Ignacio tries his luck with the local wild boar, the chancho, in a beautiful moonlit wait.

  • Small antelope, big trophy

    The days are passing and Ignacio continues to fight against all odds to get his coveted antelope. Back at the hotel, he will have an exciting battle in the kitchen with chef Leo, with whom he will compete to see who can prepare the pigeon better.

  • Driving, management and gauchos

    Gonzalo and Ignacio will experience firsthand the daily struggle of Argentine farmers to herd cattle the old-fashioned way, on horseback. The immense population densities destroy the crops year after year, so the Young Wild Hunters will now help out with a little female antelope management.

  • Pleasures of hunting: cooking

    Our team says goodbye to Argentina in the best possible way, with another wonderful cooking competition between Ignacio and Leo, this time with deer as the main element of the dish. To top it off, they will perform an impressive stalking among trees and reeds to a selective deer.

  • The most under-rated deer hunting in the world: Australia

    Jim, Loiuse and Eva travel to the outback of Australia to go after rusa and chital (axis) deer.

  • Sheep hunting in Iran

    Jim heads to Iran to check out their conservation programs and to hunt the Kerman sheep and the Armenian Mouphlon.

  • One of the most remote corners of the earth: The Aleutian Islands

    Jim Shockey's crew flies to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska as he goes after the largest "antlered compared to body size"' big game animals in the world, the stunning and huge Alaskan reindeer. One of the most remote corners of the earth!

  • Free ranging HOG deer in Australia

    Jim travels to Australia to go after free ranging hog deer with his bowtech.

  • Kri Kri Ibex hunt on an island in Greece

    Travel with Jim and his wife, Loiuse as they transport themselve back in time to Greece to go after the Kri Kri Ibex on one of the Greek islands.