Wild Namibia

Wild Namibia

5 Episodes

On this occasion, the YOUNG Wild Hunters will travel to Namibia, to a spectacular farm owned by brothers Tim and Ralf Liedtke, which they met at the famous IWA fair. Despite the already known, in this edition the Young Wild Hunters will be amazed to enjoy a hunt as pure and traditional as it is complicated. They will taste all kinds of wild meat such as crocodile and zebra, as well as learn everything they need to integrate into the role of the African hunter, tradition, history, culture... That is, WILD NAMIBIA.

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Wild Namibia
  • Black on white

    Episode 1

    In this first episode, our protagonists will focus their hunt on finding a zebra that they can shoot. They will also take time to enjoy Wild Meat, try exotic zebra, kudu, oryx and Springbok dishes.

  • What the bush gives you

    Episode 2

    In this second episode, we will see a new recipe from the Young Wild Hunters. They will show us how to take advantage of the zebra trophy, we will see what they do with the game meat and where it ends up. We will also resume the hunt, this time they will camp in the mountains, and they will teach...

  • Stalking the grey ghost

    Episode 3

    The YWH will accompany Tim on a very special hunt for him, his first Kudu in Okondura. It will be a very difficult hunt not only because of the terrain but also because they will have to do a spectacular stalking until they are 20 - 30 meters away from the animal. Why? Because Tim will decide to ...

  • Eyes in the bush

    Episode 4

    Tim and his brother will show us the systems to control the population levels of multiple species. They will show us the different methods and technologies they use, such as Trail Cam (trapping cameras). Back to work, this time it is Ignacio's turn to try to get hold of an oryx. They will have to...

  • Hunting Roots

    Episode 5

    The Liedtke brothers, together with their father, will take the Young wild hunters to see some paintings perhaps thousands of years old through which we will travel to our origins. We will see clearly how hunting is something that is within us since the origins of man. You will then embark on an ...