Wild Garoz

Wild Garoz

5 Episodes

They say that experience is the mother of all sciences and that humility reflects true greatness. And if there is something that characterizes the Garoz brothers after almost thirty years as taxidermists, it is their experience and humility.
Taxidermy Garoz is one of the best and best known worldwide. Three generations behind them, and almost a century of history, working to improve and offer more quality, professionalism and innovation in the art of naturalizing and giving life to animals and trophies of hunters around the world.
Young Wild Hunters together with the Garoz brothers, join forces in this project for Huntflix. A series of 5 episodes that collects and shows us the hunting experience from an original point of view, very different from the one hunters are used to. We will live from the cast to the preparation of the trophy, taking you through unknown paths until now but always enjoying every moment of the hand of these great professionals passionate about the world of hunting.

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Wild Garoz
  • The king of the peaks

    Episode 1

    The rutting season has been over for two months now and the wild males of this subspecies are separated from the groups of females, more attentive to the dangers of the environment. But the enormous horns of some specimens and the difficulty of hunting them, make this true king of the spanish pea...

  • Atlas mouflon, between mountains and sea

    Episode 2

    The management of excess populations of the Barbary sheep in the mountain ranges of the Levantine coast is a unique opportunity to enjoy great hunting with the intense blue of the Mediterranean on the horizon. The Atlas sheep or Barbary sheep is a species introduced in the Iberian Peninsula abou...

  • Less hunters, more wild action

    Episode 3

    On this occasion we accompany the Garoz brothers to hunt the bighorn sheep on the Levantine coast. A hunting adventure in its purest form. A real high mountain stalking. Improvised camps, scarce food, little water, wild recipes and a lot of nature. The hunter's effort to achieve a good trophy of ...

  • Failure is part of the hunter´s learning

    Episode 4

    We have all failed, and the hunter who says no will never feel the thrill. Nothing is assured in hunting. Any mistake leads to failure. And no one is free from making mistakes. Excitement, anxiety and haste are some of the problems that every hunter has come across in his life. Avoiding them or, ...

  • Some different…

    Episode 5

    Africa in the time of Covid? snake taxidermy?
    This episode includes the entire trip and adventure of the Garoz brothers in Cameroon, where they will get hold of a good specimen of Oribi, which they will surely know how to make the best use of. In parallel they will show us, with the help of Ignac...