Wild Argentina

Wild Argentina

6 Episodes

The most spectacular series recorded to date by the Young Wild Hunters. La Pampa, Argentina will be the chosen territory for a new adventure in which Ignacio and Gonzalo will face immense deer and tough antelopes, with failures, despair and moments of happiness. They will also have time to try their hand at hunting wild boar and help the gauchos manage the cows on horseback.

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Wild Argentina
  • "La Pampa", tehuelche land

    Episode 1

    The Young Wild Hunters start a new adventure on the other side of the Atlantic, this time in Argentina. Gonzalo, Ignacio and Luis will visit La Pampa, where they will face the tough deer and antelopes, invasive species that roam freely in the forests and grasslands. The first morning of action wi...

  • Wild argentinian bucks

    Episode 2

    Gonzalo is looking for the deer he believes he has wounded, so he should not be far away. Plan B will be to go deep into the dense Pampean forest in search of the animals' passing areas to catch them off guard. To end the day, Ignacio will seek his luck with the antelopes near the impressive natu...

  • Feathers, fangs... Action!

    Episode 3

    It's time for small game, stalking among sunflowers the huge numbers of pigeons that live there. Chef Leo will prepare the famous Argentinean barbecue by the light of the bonfire while Ignacio tries his luck with the local wild boar, the chancho, in a beautiful moonlit wait.

  • Small antelope, big trophy

    Episode 4

    The days are passing and Ignacio continues to fight against all odds to get his coveted antelope. Back at the hotel, he will have an exciting battle in the kitchen with chef Leo, with whom he will compete to see who can prepare the pigeon better.

  • Driving, management and gauchos

    Episode 5

    Gonzalo and Ignacio will experience firsthand the daily struggle of Argentine farmers to herd cattle the old-fashioned way, on horseback. The immense population densities destroy the crops year after year, so the Young Wild Hunters will now help out with a little female antelope management.

  • Pleasures of hunting: cooking

    Episode 6

    Our team says goodbye to Argentina in the best possible way, with another wonderful cooking competition between Ignacio and Leo, this time with deer as the main element of the dish. To top it off, they will perform an impressive stalking among trees and reeds to a selective deer.