Unique Landscapes

Unique Landscapes

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Unique Landscapes
  • Tanning show

    Follow Laramy through the process of how mountain men skinned, fleshed, and tanned animal skins the way it was done in the mid 1800s.

  • The hunt of a mountain man

    Laramy shows us how hunting was done in the mid 1800s by the Mountain Men, where unusual skills and stalking techniques were needed to survive throughout the winter. Harsh Winters were known as "White Death" to the Mountain Men.

  • Trapping. Part 1

    Springtime begins as Laramy honors the history of the mountain men by trapping for beaver and other critters.

  • Blacksmith show

    Forging one's own tools was a valuable skill for the mountain men. Laramy takes hammer to steel as he shows us how he crafts his own gear.

  • Trapping. Part 2

    Winter trapping requires different skills than trapping in the spring. Laramy pulls out all the tricks to trap for critters.

  • Hide and tanning show

    A real outdoorsman uses every part of the kill, and Laramy shows us why skinning and tanning is such an important part of the mountain man life.

  • Trapping show

    Laramy honors the history of the mountain man by trapping for beaver in the lower rockies.

  • Driving, management and gauchos

    Gonzalo and Ignacio will experience firsthand the daily struggle of Argentine farmers to herd cattle the old-fashioned way, on horseback. The immense population densities destroy the crops year after year, so the Young Wild Hunters will now help out with a little female antelope management.