Unique Hunters

Unique Hunters

4 Episodes

José María García, journalist and hunter from Madrid and Huntflix team expert, will introduce us to several different and special hunters for their contribution to the dignity of hunting, for their high concept of it, for the impeccable way of practicing it, for their conservationist character and for the didactic zeal of their actions related to this activity. He will live with them different hunting days throughout our geography, in order to show them to us as people and hunters and to let us know their valuable opinions, their knowledge, their preferences and their hunting qualities.

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Unique Hunters
  • Unique Hunters: Pepe Madrazo

    Episode 1

    We dedicate this first episode to José Madrazo, known for his prestigious awards (Weatherby, Conklin, Culminum Magister...), for his books and articles, and for being one of the best ambassadors of hunting in Spain.

  • Unique Hunters: Philippe Walch

    Episode 2

    New episode of the series in which the most renowned hunters share their knowledge and experience with us. This time with roe deer as protagonists.
    In this second chapter of the series unique hunters, Jose María García will accompany a very methodical hunter, Philippe Walch, an expert French roe ...

  • Unique Hunters: Pablo Ortega

    Episode 3

    Knowledge and experience in hunting and management of roe deer populations from the lonely and enigmatic Soria. Experiences, anecdotes and advice from a true reference in this hunting specialty. Pablo Ortega Martín-Rosales, founder and honorary president of the Spanish Roe Deer Association. We wi...

  • Unique Hunters: Carlos Blanco

    Episode 4

    On this occasion, Carlos Blanco, who is very fond of hunting in reserves and who, on this occasion, will enter the Las Batuecas Reserve to shoot a lame buck with a B permit. A real test of tenacity to climb the high and difficult rocks of the area.