Small game

  • Wild qail. With Michael

    Summer for this hunter is not synonymous of vacations but of hunting. It is time to enjoy one of the most awaited periods of the year: the middle of the hunting season. In the company of a great hunter, we will have the challenge of hunting wild quail, which will surely give us a good amount of c...

  • Decoy hunting for pigeons. With Ivan & Anibal

    Once the first days of the half closed season are over, hunting the pigeon is more difficult, since it flies much higher and is more distrustful when it comes to come in to eat. On this day, we moved to a prestigious farm in Madrid to try to attract the pigeon thanks to Ivan's cimbels and the hel...

  • Small game management. With Victor & Gustavo

    On this occasion we are going to meet two young farmers, Victor and Gustavo, who have thrown themselves into the world of game management with a great desire to learn and dedicate themselves to what they like most in life: hunting. We will spend several days with them and they will teach us all t...

  • Trapping show

    Laramy honors the history of the mountain man by trapping for beaver in the lower rockies.

  • Feathers, fangs... Action!

    It's time for small game, stalking among sunflowers the huge numbers of pigeons that live there. Chef Leo will prepare the famous Argentinean barbecue by the light of the bonfire while Ignacio tries his luck with the local wild boar, the chancho, in a beautiful moonlit wait.

  • The excellence of greyhound hunting 

    In Spain, greyhound hunting has a large number of enthusiasts. It is a modality where art, passion and tradition come together... Precisely, we will witness all of this. We will enjoy the pure speed that only rabonas and sighthounds give us, besides knowing much more about this exciting world.

  • Quail hunting, only for strategic hunters

    Year after year the populations of this migratory bird are decreasing and it is becoming more and more difficult to obtain a good perch in the few territories that still have sufficient density of birds. To achieve this it is also essential to have the help of good specialized dogs, such as Breto...

  • Secrets of traditional partridge hunting with decoy

    Partridge shooting is very well known and popular in Spain, but enjoying this entertaining modality in a first class hunting is always an incentive. Thus, we will vibrate with an intense day in which we will see many shots at red-legged partridges and no less spectacular abates.