Sasquatch Mountain Man

Sasquatch Mountain Man

3 Seasons

Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller travels the route the mountain men did, hunting, trapping and surviving off the land. In a world of high-tech hunters, weapons and technology, Miller, shows us what real hunting and living in the great wilderness truly is.

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Sasquatch Mountain Man
  • Texas Mule deer. Part 1

    Episode 1

    Laramy Miller explores new territory in the western plateaus of Texas. This loud, open country is a challenge, but Laramy proves that with the right amount of patience, he can stalk in on anything.

  • Colorado elk

    Episode 2

    For hunting elk, there's nothing better than chasing bugling bulls in the high lonesome of Colorado. But Laramy must act quickly, before the coyotes scare the elk herds out of these mountains.

  • Black bear

    Episode 3

    Spring Black Bear roam these mountains, just out of sight and beyond the trail. With only his old black powder gun for protection, Laramy needs to make sure that he sees the bear, before the bear spots him.