On Target

On Target

10 Episodes

Rediscover mountain hunting, one of the most demanding and exciting modalities by the hand of Ramón Fitó, journalist, expert hunter and top-level shooter.
Each episode will be a challenge in which Fitó will test his skill and endurance, he will share with us his shooting techniques, all the details of the equipment used in each experience (rifle, scopes, ammunition, etc.) and also, at the end of each hunt we will see how he makes the most of the game.

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On Target
  • The mountain roe deer

    Episode 1

    We take this opportunity to present On target, a series lead by the expert hunter Ramón Fitó, which will open up the world of mountain hunting. The first challenge of this professional shooter, a great friend of this house for a long time, will take him to La Vall de Boí, in the Catalan Pyrenees....

  • Open lands deer

    Episode 2

    New episode of the recently released series On target, a collection of documentaries that will teach us all the ins and outs of shooting and mountain hunting. On this occasion, our colleague Ramón Fitó will travel to La Pobla de Lillet, a municipality in the Bergedá region of Barcelona. We will t...

  • Chamois, king of the peaks

    Episode 3

    We travel to the vicinity of Lles de Cerdanya, in the province of Lleida. This will be the scenario chosen by Ramón Fitó and his friend Jaume, with the objective fixed in the Pyrenean isard. Both will have to work hard to collect this animal, in a very complicated hunt and only suitable for hunte...

  • Mountain goat

    Episode 4

    This species, endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, is one of the most coveted trophies in the hunting scene, not only nationally but also internationally. Among the several hunting grounds where you can enjoy ibex hunting, one of them is the mountain of Monsterrat, near the city of Barcelona. We tra...

  • Morocco sand goat

    Episode 5

    Here comes a new episode of the successful series 'On target'. We will be heading to Murcia, where the best rheas of the Iberian Peninsula can be found. These animals are very resistant and survive in practically any ecosystem. In the hunting grounds of this region, Ramón FItó has set himself the...

  • Mallorcan wild goat

    New installment of the successful series 'On target' led by the expert Ramón Fitó. Our protagonist will cross the Mediterranean to reach Mallorcan lands. Here the Balearic boc awaits him, one of the most representative species of these hunting grounds and the last animal that Fitó will try to hun...

  • Ambush ́s roe deer

    Episode 7

    In this chapter, Ramón Fitó will travel with his partner to the Berguedá mountain range, where he will try to hunt a roe deer ambushed with a Bergara Aimtpoint monopod. We will witness how the hunting of the roe deer becomes very immersive when the specimens are attracted with the lure, and one s...

  • Cantabrian chamois

    Episode 8

    We go to the Peaks Of Europe, one of the most demanded places by high mountain hunters. Hunting chamois in this territory is a unique experience that makes hunting more exciting, especially when the weather is adverse. Ramón Fitó and Celia will also visit the hunting museum, where there are hundr...

  • Pyrenenan fallow deer

    Episode 11

    October is undoubtedly one of the best times to hunt fallow deer. In the Pre-Pyrenees area it is easy to see them, and they are often absent-minded due to the rutting season, so it is easier to approach without being seen. Celia, Ramón Fitó's wife, knows a recipe to make with the fallow deer's li...

  • Teruel wild goats

    Episode 10

    We will learn about the importance of controlling goat populations as a management tool to avoid the dreaded epidemics of mange that are so detrimental to this species. For this we are going to move to Teruel in the company of Pedro and Ramón, with whom we will travel through these beautiful moun...