Greg McHale's Wild Yukon

Greg McHale's Wild Yukon

3 Seasons

Hunting that is more accessible than ever before, but these advances take something away as well. Greg McHale's team pushes the boundaries of the hunting show genre with powerful and intense journeys into one of the few remaining wild corners of North America: Canada's Yukon. The breathtaking scenery, heart-stopping adventure and committed hunting offered by Greg McHale's Wild Yukon will enthrall hunters and outdoors people alike.

Greg McHale is a professional world-class multi-sport athlete who has raced for some of the top adventure racing teams in North America. His physical and mental endurance is proven in the most challenging human endurance sport in the world, making him a formidable hunter. His determination and ability to never stop the pursuit is what separates him from all other hunting personalities.

An engaging host with extensive backcountry skills, an unwavering passion for the hunt, and adventure racing toughness, make McHale unlike any hunting partner you've ever had. Experienced in big-wall climbing, mountaineering, paddling, and trekking make him an elite hunter. Excellence as a rifleman and archer round out his hunting resume. Greg is not only an athlete, but he is also a pilot on wheels and floats. He uses his aircraft to scout for game and to bring the team far off the beaten path. Landing on remote airstrips, on skis, or lakes and rivers, Greg's skills as a bush pilot open the vast landscape of the wild Yukon to these hunters.

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Greg McHale's Wild Yukon
  • Off the beaten path: Dall's Sheep. Part 1

    Episode 1

    Greg fulfills a dream by hunting under his own power from the first step of the journey. He is faced with kayaking one of the Yukon's largest lakes, glacially-cold river crossings, glacier travel, rock climbing, and the unknowns of what is to come. Greg stalks close to an incredible ram but is fo...

  • Off the beaten path: Dall Sheep. Part 2

    Episode 2

    In Part 2 of this incredible hunt, Greg pushes onward towards opening day and closer to an astonishing ram.
    Greg fulfills a dream by hunting under his own power from the first step of the journey. The journey begins from Greg's front step, and he embarks on a human-powered journey in search of Da...

  • Open Rivers, Open Hillsides: Spring Black Bear

    Episode 3

    The best time to hunt Black Bear in the Yukon is after the snow has melted but before trees explode with leaves. Greg begins the hunt on a fat-tire bike on a frozen lake before moving to the kayak on a freshly-open river. Greg paddles the remote river in search of exposed hillsides where spring B...

  • Heavier than Water: Yukon-Alaska Moose

    Episode 4

    The fall moose hunting season makes for some of North America’s most exciting hunting. Yukon-Alaska Moose are an iconic, dream-hunt species for pretty much every hunter out there. Using calling to bring moose is the normal technique, but whether this will work or not us unknown as Greg is heading...

  • The Mountain's Call: Mountain Goat

    Episode 5

    Mountain goats are spectacular animals whose capes represent an incredible trophy. Greg heads into the high country, dodging Grizzly Bears and challenging weather conditions in search of Mountain Goat. Whitewater paddling and the steep ascent into excellent goat country will test his mettle. Greg...

  • The Definition of Success: Stone Sheep

    Episode 6

    Greg pursues the elusive Stone's Sheep over an extended hunt. Greg's glassing and patience are both put to the trial. In this hunt, the struggle to locate an almost invisible quarry in an endless sea of boulders and rock slides test Greg's abilities. Knowing that the keys to success are to glass ...

  • A Fall Classic: Mountain Caribou

    Episode 7

    The Mountain Caribou is one of the most delicious animals the vast Yukon has to offer. Caribou is also the Yukon's most mobile, seldom stopping its incessant plodding. Greg flies into high alpine lakes in search of a Mountain Caribou bull. This fall caribou hunt showcases the Yukon's mountains at...

  • Better Early Than Late: Mountain Goat

    Episode 8

    Mountain Goats grow their incredible white capes as the fall drags on. Heading out later in the season means that a hunter has a better chance at a goat with a genuinely breathtaking coat. On this hunt, Greg hunts for an old billy goat in the steep and rugged terrain of Northern British Columbia.

  • Before the Flood: Wood Bison

    Episode 9

    Greg travels by dog sled into Wood Bison country. The Yukon's late winter offers good travel conditions with plenty of snow and comfortable temperatures, at least until the frozen rivers begin to wake. Greg travels by dogsled into Wood Bison country. The Yukon's late winter offers good travel con...

  • Cutting it Close: Dall Sheep

    Episode 10

    Greg and Karl search for a late-season Dall Sheep from the river bottoms to the mountain peaks. Using inflatable boats to the limits of their capabilities, Greg pushes himself and his team to their own limits. The team experiences the ups and downs that make for an entertaining and rewarding hunt...