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  • Black on white

    In this first episode, our protagonists will focus their hunt on finding a zebra that they can shoot. They will also take time to enjoy Wild Meat, try exotic zebra, kudu, oryx and Springbok dishes.

  • In pursuit of giant Marco Polo

    The adventure of the Young Wild Hunters continues through the mountainous massifs of Asia in pursuit of the giant rams of Marco Polo. An experience within reach of very few privileged and that requires extensive hunting knowledge, good physical shape and a lot of enthusiasm to overcome the many s...

  • Dreams come true

    Africa is undoubtedly one of those dreams that every hunter carries inside and wants to fulfill throughout his life. After much effort and work, the Young Wild Hunters team in the company of Ramón from @Bigtrophycaza and Martín from @adictosacazar travel to South Africa to make a dream come true....

  • Off the beaten path: Dall's Sheep. Part 1

    Greg fulfills a dream by hunting under his own power from the first step of the journey. He is faced with kayaking one of the Yukon's largest lakes, glacially-cold river crossings, glacier travel, rock climbing, and the unknowns of what is to come. Greg stalks close to an incredible ram but is fo...

  • Spike camp moose hunt in the Yukon

    Jim and Eva head to the Yukon where Eva hunts moose during the rut.

  • The perfect Safari: Buffalo First part

    Discover all the secrets of hunting one of the five big African game species. The Perfect Safari is a series that deals with all the details of hunting different African hunting species. We start with this dangerous giant, its habitats, its habits, the best search and approach techniques, its ana...