Afrikan Secrets

Afrikan Secrets

6 Episodes

Six amazing episodes in which we rejoin the Young Wild Hunters to learn, this time, 'Afrikan secrets'. Hunting in the Black Continent is, without a doubt, one of those dreams that every hunter carries inside and wants to fulfill throughout his life. In the company of these young hunters we will discover new cultures, new species and new hunting techniques.

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Afrikan Secrets
  • Dreams come true

    Episode 1

    Africa is undoubtedly one of those dreams that every hunter carries inside and wants to fulfill throughout his life. After much effort and work, the Young Wild Hunters team in the company of Ramón from @Bigtrophycaza and Martín from @adictosacazar travel to South Africa to make a dream come true....

  • Stalking under the african sun

    Episode 2

    We returned to the Black Continent with the Young Wild Hunters. After the success with the black wildebeest, the team had only just begun its adventure on the savannah. The zebra, the blesbuck and the bow warthog will be the next animals they will try to hunt under the hot African sun. Will they ...

  • The last chance

    Episode 3

    The end of the trip is near and some of our protagonists have not yet fulfilled their dream of hunting venison. So, on this journey, the Young Wild Hunters will try to finally win the game against the difficult and elusive African animals. Will they manage, in their last chance, to return home wi...

  • Wild Tanzania

    Episode 4

    Nine days of hunting in the middle of the jungle gives a lot, the first contact with dangerous game, new hunting strategies, new friendships and endless information that make you go forming as a hunter. Wild Tanzania will bring you the secrets and the game hidden behind these mountains.

  • Wild Zimbabwe

    Episode 5

    This documentary will reveal the secrets of one of the least understood and most controversial hunts. Once lived and experienced first hand by the Young Wild Hunters team, we can proudly say that this type of hunting is the one that brings the most benefits to hunting, conservation and protection...

  • A family adventure

    Episode 6

    If there is something that Africa has is that it hooks. After our visit to South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, the brothers Gonzalo and Borja Palma decided to return to South Africa to live another new experience with Salgari Hunters. Two intense and long days of hunting that gave us the opportu...