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The Perfect Safari

The perfect Safari: Sable Antelope 


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  • The perfect Safari: Gnu

    Episode dedicated to a species that is highly valued among antelope hunters: the wildebeest.
    There are two different species; the black or white-tailed wildebeest and the blue wildebeest. Both differ fundamentally by their heads, but their habitats, habits and hunting are similar. We will analyz...

  • The perfect Safari: Hippopotamus

    All the keys to shoot the animal that causes the most deaths among humans on the African continent, 3,000 kilograms of aggressiveness and bad intentions that the hunter should know in order to succeed. Its habitat, its anatomy, its habits, its search, are details that, in this case, are of vital ...

  • The perfect Safari: Lioness

    It has always been said that the king of the jungle is the lion and consequently we should say that the queen of the jungle is the lioness. More dangerous if possible than the male of the species, since they are much more agile, fast and flexible. And they are also much less visible to their prey...